Awesome Related Quotes

“I don't know how you look at it, ... It's just awesome that it happened. It was great for me, I was pumped I was helping the team out, and then - that's it. Now I'm just hanging out waiting to help.”

Mike Jacobs

“The pass rush from our front four was awesome, ... We played the entire final quarter with a four-man rush. Josh Edgin, Andy Eshleman, Warren Gilchrist and Vince Shetter really stepped it up. They put pressure on their QB to make bad decisions and we had our share of sacks.”

Dan Walker

“It was an awesome meet. With it being our first meet, I just wanted them to come close to their times from last year.”

Rebecca Middleton

“He did an awesome job today. The race started out at a slow pace but he kicked it in during the last 800 meters. He just did a tremendous job today. We're so proud of his progress and competitiveness throughout the season.”

Corey Ihmels

“It feels awesome to put my name up there with the others that have done it. Plus it gives me a lot of confidence going into nationals (Nike Indoor Nationals, March 11-12 at the Prince George's Sports Complex in Landover, Md.).”

Craig Forys

“Hank was awesome. He made all the plays and got a big hit. It's almost what you expect of Hank Blalock. He's a good player and, with a little confidence, he could take off and do some special things.”

Kevin Millwood

“I thought it was awesome. I never played winter ball, never got to play in a Caribbean Series. The Mexican fans brought a lot of excitement to the game.”

Chipper Jones

“It's very surprising. He was a locker-room favorite here. He was always upbeat and had an awesome sense of humor. Everybody liked him. Plus, he was an awesome player; he made things happen on the field.”

Fred Beasley

“I have to see that. This is so awesome.”

Sean Cunningham