Babies Related Quotes

“You learn and grow with your child. There are some things books cannot teach you. Your child will teach you as you go.”

Natalie Phillip

“Premature babies can have respiratory problems, cardiac problems, feeding problems, jaundice. There's a litany of problems all related to being born prematurely, because their organs aren't properly developed.”

Dr. Edward James

“Caring for two premature babies and paying insurance, along with carrying the rest of household expenses on one income, made paying our hospital bills a financial impossibility.”

Heather Brown

“Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns.”

David Ogilvy

“We talk to mothers holding babies, some of these babies three-, four-, five-months-old, living in horrible conditions.”

Anderson Cooper

“It's just an honor to be involved with the younger generations. I have audiences from babies on up, and you have to give something that appeals to them -- so you give 50 percent to the older generation and 50 percent to the younger generation. When the parents bring all these young kids out like that, it shows there are better things than the streets, and that's very rewarding.”

Stanley Dural Jr

“This means that dioxin levels in the bodies of newborn babies are already at levels that put them at risk of serious illness.”

Rick Hind

“They were found at a car wash after she had just had her babies. She was covered up with trash.”

Connie Guthrie

“I'm concerned I won't get a fair chance with my child. I lost my two babies, and now they want to take Dylan away. If they take him, I don't have a reason to live.”

Carrie Crowell

“Our six babies are with Jesus now,”

Mark Bryant