Baby Related Quotes

“You imagine a baby who wakes up and has to be consoled or fed every couple of hours. The baby is positioning frequently and doesn't develop the misshapen head.”

Dr. Kim Manwaring

“Baby Boomers don't want the same two-by-three-foot stone. They want to be remembered for who they are.”

Susan Little

“If someone has second thoughts, they should know that they have other options than to abandon the baby -- anywhere. There was a risk that the child was not found in time and died.”

Enrique Garcia

“He's healthy, is eating well and doing fine. We are particularly grateful that the baby is alive and well, especially after the Wayne County incident being found this week.”

Laura O'neal

“Right now, it could be ambitious. At the same time, if we do it proportionately and take baby steps, we'll be able to build ourselves up to that.”

Darren Cioffi

“We're still planning and taking baby steps. We know that once we do this, people are really going to want it, and we want to be able to provide a good product for them.”

Carlos Lopez

“[Conseco] is my baby. I think we made the Fieldhouse more intimate than people expected. Some wanted 20,000 seats. I'm not at all frightened about having 3,300 seats. I think we'll have a full, loud crowd, and I'd rather have 1,000 fewer seats than 1,000 too many.”

David Kahn

“It's an easy repair to make, and it is designed to protect your baby from a very serious injury.”

Ann Brown

“(My Baby Does The) Hanky Panky.”

Gene Weingarten

“This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby holds a hammer”

Will Rogers