Backboard Related Quotes

“I blew chunks. I was strapped to this backboard, and the paramedics just tilted me to the side, and I let fly.”

Larry Rodriguez

“With Gulf Coast, we always know every game we'll have to do a great job on the backboard, a great job on defense because they have so many weapons and we really have to stop their transition on offense.”

Scott Mcmillin

“We just got destroyed on the backboard then panicked and took some bad shots.”

Rick Pitino

“I looked up and saw and elbow at the square (on the backboard). I knew it was Dante because he?s the only one on our team who can jump that high.”

Randy Foye

“He's my point guard. He knew where I was. The ball came off (the backboard) a little bit to the left, but the spacing was nice.”

Max Foye

“None of these guys can break the backboard, right now.”

Darryl Dawkins

“She's a terrific shooter that has a long range. She also uses the backboard well, drives well and has a sense for the basket.”

Elizabeth Darger

“We got destroyed on the backboard and then panicked a little bit. Their rebounding was dominant. We got taken to the woodshed on the glass.”

Rick Pitino