Backed Related Quotes

?We are backed up. We are addressing those issues.?

Barbara Alterman

“This functionality is backed up by Windows Live features like centralized storage and it can be managed from anywhere. We've got Web-based activity reports so that you can keep an eye on what your family is doing online from any location.”

Alan Packer

“You are a coward when you even seem to have backed down from a thing you openly set out to do”

Mark Twain

“The market is on a roll, backed by solid economic fundamentals.”

Shigeharu Shiraishi

“They weren't giving me any room and the defender kind of backed off, the shot clock was going down and we definitely needed it so I took it. I have confidence in myself. It is my job when that shock clock reaches below 10 to make something happen.”

Cappie Pondexter

“Terry backed up and did a swan dive into the water and was swimming after the fish and the rod. It's the only time I ever saw a fish catch a man.”

Curt Gowdy

“Just because we didn't win a championship doesn't mean we didn't have a good season. We never backed down from anything.”

Lauren Emerson

“The driver of the van then backed up and ran over the victim before leaving the area.”

Marcus Dudley

“If the Kaiser Chiefs win then I could well be the one seeking employment, they have been consistently backed and we have a very lopsided book,”

William Hill

“We all know here that transportation is a big issue in the Bay Area. To see that backed up year after year after year only reinforces the importance.”

Randy Rentschler