Backed Related Quotes

“And He drove down those of the followers of the Book who backed them from their fortresses and He cast awe into their hearts; some you killed and you took captive another part.”


“[Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday backed Gabriel Heinze to emulate Steve Bruce and become a regular goalscorer from Manchester United's defence. Centre-back Bruce netted an incredible 19 goals back in 1991, most of them headers from set-pieces, and Fergie believes fearless Heinze can do the same 14 years on. Heinze got off to the perfect start this season with two goals in United's midweek 3-0 win over Debrecen, which sealed their Champions League place. And Fergie is adamant the Argentine can have the same impact as Bruce in terms of goals.] Gabi is brave enough, that's for sure, ... He's got so much courage. He's certainly prepared to put his head in there for set-pieces, as he showed the other night. He only managed one goal for us last season but he can definitely get a lot more than that. Steve Bruce got 19 for us back in 1991, which was exceptional. Gabi has similar characteristics to Brucie in that he won't hesitate to stick his head in.”


“We had them on the ropes. We had them backed up and needing a breather. We needed to come for blood and close it out but we didn't.”

Chris Barclay

“We've never backed down from playing anyone. We've played a lot of great teams. But we never took one on the chin like that. (Wyoming Area) was a much better team than us.”

Fred Ross

“I was surprised because he wasn't trying to block my shot. Every time I went at him, he backed off and it was kind of surprising.”

Casey Moore

“Just because we didn't win a championship doesn't mean we didn't have a good season. We never backed down from anything.”

Lauren Emerson

“We were like a wounded animal up there. They had us backed in a corner, and sometimes that's dangerous. The guys took it on, and we've got great veteran leadership. You let those guys take over.”

Dave Ewart

“If not for Lands' return, we'd have been backed up. And that would have probably been it.”

Al Way

“The traffic was so heavy we couldn't move. Traffic was backed up and stopped in all directions leaving the city, so we turned around while we could still get back to our neighborhood.”

Randi Shea

“Price dynamics in gold next year will continue to be largely determined by speculative interest, backed by a myriad of justifications like inflationary risks, energy-price led economic slowdown, expectations of a US dollar correction, soaring physical demand, supply-side constraints, hopes of large scale central bank buying and so on.”

Yingxi Yu