Background Related Quotes

This means I must pay close attention to the writing, but equally so to the scientific background - which sometimes means doing fairly involved calculations.

Stanley Schmidt

Most of the time I was in the background. I never played [the Virgin] Mary. I was always kind of the third angel.

Felicity Jones

I came to accept during my freshman year that many of the gaps in my knowledge and understanding were simply limits of class and cultural background, not lack of aptitude or application as I'd feared.

Sonia Sotomayor

I didn't want to go out and change anything. I just wanted to make the music that was part of my background, which was rock and blues and hip-hop.

Kid Rock

I come from a dancing background, and I know it's stereotypical, but I would dance because I wasn't comfortable speaking to people.

Carrie Ann Inaba

Being rich and coming from a distinguished family background doesn't guarantee happiness, Abby. In fact, it might make happiness harder to find because you have to live up to akk that expectation.

V.c. Andrews

â?¦and there, in the background, the skyâ??s sediment had sunk to a place where all the woe of the words â??I amâ?? dissolved into blue peace. He said it. â??The ocean.

David Mitchell

Accountancy prepares one to be able to run very different kinds of businesses, and my background prepared me for the music.

Zarin Mehta

You know, one of the tragedies of real life is that there is no background music.

Annie Proulx

It's highly likely that what you're doing is indeed influenced by your Jewish background.

Michael Marmot