Backs Related Quotes

“We had our backs up against the wall. It's the fifth game of the season, you don't want to say it's a must-win, but that's what it felt like, a must-win situation for us and I think the guys responded well.”

Kelly Holcomb

“They have a lot of quickness. They have some very good backs. They're really explosive, much the same type of team as Sammamish. They run the Wing-T and get outside.”

Doug Preston

“For some reason when our backs are against the wall we regain our poise and play smarter. In the second half we did a good job of being patient and waiting for the defense to give us an opportunity.”

Chuck Mcbreen

“Our backs were against the wall, but we pulled it off.”

Emily Mcnamara

“The thing you notice about Domanick, like all great backs, when he's in there, he makes things happen. The line is blocking the same as they do with other backs, but for some reason when he's in there, you gain yards.”

Steve Mckinney

“They got the kind of game they wanted, ... They used the tight ends and running backs, and they kept the score low.”

Wayne Lee

“It's always good to have a strong team that supports you and backs you up and is getting those results besides you so you don't feel like the entire team rests on you. I think it's a very good thing that our whole team is doing well.”

Lindsey Kildow

“His testimony showed that they [NYSE management and Goldman Sachs] did this behind their backs. He was asked to rubber-stamp a deal.”

William Higgins

“But they are coming to our place. And we still feel that our backs are up against the wall. Just because we won last week, that was a good boost. But every week from here on out is crucial.”

Shane Olivea

“The offensive line is getting better and better and our backs did a good job getting up in the hole. We had a lot of 6-, 7- and 8-yarders. And Caleb hit some key passes when we needed them,”

Phil Davis