Backup Related Quotes

“Do they want an extra infielder/backup catcher who has never played in the big leagues? For them to choose me, it's a bold decision. So for me to win a job, I've got to do more than open eyes. It's got to be a no-doubter.”

Chris Coste

“His passing is his backup. They definitely use the run to set up stuff ... We have to stay in the same space and keep him in that pocket. We want a nice cup around him and squeeze it in on him and not let him feel comfortable in there, not let him check that option of sprinting out and running on us.”

Mike Kudla

“We needed a backup point guard and we liked what we saw so we recruited her.”

Maura Mchugh

“It is full steam ahead across the region, everyone is moving forward as planned. Of course we have a backup plan in place and it is currently being reviewed by the International Cricket Council. That plan will only be implemented if absolutely necessary.”

Chris Dehring

“I would love it. That's what I've been working for. I'm not looking for the backup spot. I'm looking for the first spot.”

Charline Labonte

“We always used to say if something happens early in the season, the backup quarterback is best prepared because he's had all of training camp. Now what we say is the next best thing for it to happen, if it has to happen, is during the bye. Because it gives you your second chance to get him back in the rhythm.”

Paul Hackett

“Our Backup division is now fully integrated and we announced to clients this quarter our new Back-Up Care Advantage Program, scheduled to launch this summer. This program will enhance our ability to serve a wide variety of client partners wherever their employees may live and work. Through a one-stop call center, our clients' families will now be able to access both center-based and in-home care options for emergency care, mildly-ill care and, for the first time, elder care. Working families struggle with the dual issues of raising children and providing care and support for aging parents, and this new program will bring much needed back-up services that will enable these families to better integrate the many challenges of work and life.”

David Lissy

“Now anybody who has a computer room wants a backup generator.”

Roger Spencer

“We have to come up with some kind of backup system to alert the officials on the field if there is a technical problem. Those kind of things, we can fix.”

Dennis Poppe

“You're not going to stop the traffic backup.”

Andrew Smith