Backup Related Quotes

“These new SATA Aluminum RAID and Backup Drive Systems are faster, cooler, better designed, more reliable and affordable than any storage system on the market. We have been innovating storage designs and technology for over 25 years and will continue to create designs that improve and support data storage.”

Frank Gabrielli

“We've got a good system in place. Guys know their roles, and we've got a capable backup. If Mike isn't 100 percent, then Matt will step right in.”

Warrick Dunn

“I would love it. That's what I've been working for. I'm not looking for the backup spot. I'm looking for the first spot.”

Charline Labonte

“The top three are 'backup,' 'backup,' 'backup,' and the other seven don't matter. In addition to a BlackBerry, I carry a personal analog digital assistant. We're like the Boy Scouts, we're prepared.”

Dick Skrinjar

“We depend on them quite heavily. But as a backup, we still carry alphanumeric pagers, which are quite reliable to get emergency notification.”

Maurice Luque

“I don't plan on being a backup.”

Adrian Klemm

“Student Assembly has a backup budget if the tax increase goes through. There's one if it doesn't pass and one if (the tax increase) does pass.”

Robert Murphy

“Everyone wants to label guys, label me as a backup point guard, a guy that can't get it done. Those are the opportunities where you have to step up and make it happen.”

Anthony Johnson

“[So late in the contest, backup Eric Kresser threw a quick screen to backup Travis McGriff for the landmark score.] They didn't seem too mad about it, ... They only had about 10,000 in the stadium with about five minutes left.”

Steve Spurrier

“An HOV enforcement right in the middle of the HOV lanes is just asking for a backup. Enforcement is good, but the way they enforced it this morning, I'm not sure the benefits outweighed the costs.”

Chris Atkins