Backwards Related Quotes

I'm looking forward, that's all, I'm not looking backwards.

Robbie Lawler

I think one game we played the Oakland Raiders and Jack Tatum and I had an accident on the one-yard line. The only thing that Jack Tatum didn't do was wrap me up so I backed into the endzone backwards.

Earl Campbell

If you think success will make you happy, you have it backwards.

Oliver $

“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.”

Charlotte Bronte

History is an angel being blown backwards into the future

Laurie Anderson

I did the first backwards guitar solo on â??Iâ??m Only Sleepingâ??

Dhani Harrison

Sometimes to move forward, you have to find yourself backwards.

Reba Riley

We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future.

Marshall Mcluhan

It seems almost backwards to me that my music seems the more emotional outlet, and the art stuff seems more about ideas.

David Byrne

We can no longer stand at the end of something we visualized in detail and plan backwards from that future. Instead we must stand at the beginning, clear in our mind, with a willingness to be involved in discovery... it asks that we participate rather than plan.

Margaret J. Wheatley