Baggage Related Quotes

Being a Brady comes with it's pleasures and its baggage. I'm not one given to a lack of privacy and invasion.

Christopher Knight

Never carry the baggage of your past relationships on the honeymoon of your future relationships.

Faraaz Kazi

Ð?he older you get, the more baggage you have, and the harder it is to just split.

Lykke Li

Everyone has a burden, everyone has some baggage they're carrying.

Richard Mcguire

It's very inconvenient being a sculptor. It's like playing the double-bass; one's so handicapped by one's baggage.

Dorothy L. Sayers

Living with a stammer is difficult. It's a daily uphill struggle with emotional baggage weighing you down. You can't be the person you want to be.

Gareth Gates

“Parochialism is one of the CIA's biggest problems. These career CIA officers, while having valuable experience, also carry the baggage of being resistant to change. The status quo may be comfortable to them, but it is dangerous to the country.”

Christopher Bond

Fears are just conditioning. They don't exist. They are something that we are taught by people who are afraid or seek to make us afraid. It is time to unload the baggage.

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

But if Russia is to be part of this larger zone of peace it cannot bring into it its imperial baggage. It cannot bring into it a policy of genocide against the Chechens, and cannot kill journalists, and it cannot repress the mass media.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

To me, wrestling is therapy. No matter how bad my personal situation is, when I step into the ring, all my troubles disappear. My baggage stays in the back where it belongs.

Eddie Guerrero