Baggage Related Quotes

“Every airline performed more poorly in baggage handling. The big question is: why?”

Dean Headley

“In many ways I wish I wasn't an actor dragging around the baggage from being one so that I could just devote my energies to encouraging people to find their true selves.”

Dirk Benedict

I realized that you have to deal with a lot of baggage when you write about your own era, that it's harder to separate what is actually compelling from what is interesting simply because it mattered to you at the time.

Christopher Castellani

Maybe it's just easier to hold onto resentment and bitterness.But when you hold onto them, you're imprisoning yourself, not the other person. Not forgiving is pretty heavy baggage to carry around.

Cathy Bryant

I try to leave my work at work, and check my work-baggage at the door before I go outside of here. I'm not a super method actor, and I think that all the answers are inside the script.

Ashton Holmes

“A poet's cultural baggage and erudition can interfere with a poem.”

Douglas Dunn

Passengers don't like changing planes. That means waiting time, stress, running around. There's a joke that the hub principle is supposed to have been invented by cargo firms. The baggage doesn't care where and how it's pushed around.

Stelios Haji-ioannou

By taking to the road, we free ourselves of baggage, both physical and psychological. We walk back to our original condition, to our best selves.

Robyn Davidson

I have no baggage in politics. I've never been a politician. I don't owe anybody anything.

Kevin O'leary

A good teacher, after all, wields the authority of a parent with none of the psychological baggage. The best of them are semi-mysterious figures whose wisdom seems boundless and whose approval helps us discover who we are.

Steve Almond