Bags Related Quotes

“in-house reviewing our processes, comparing the donor records relating to the affected bags, reviewing records on our storage of the empty bags, full bags, you name it.”

Patricia Smith

“Let them pack their bags and leave,”


“This lady started crying over a dress. It was a special dress, in one of those special occasion bags, and she couldn't hardly lift the bag over her head because it was so full of water. I saw, for the first time today, an animal control officer picking up multiple animals off a chain link fence.”

Eric Miller

“Seek not to be Rich, but Happy. The one lies in Bags, the other in Content: which Wealth can never give.”

William Penn

“It was kind of weird being scheduled. We just came in with our bags and our pillows and said, 'We're here and we're ready.' It was funny.”

Catherine Wood

“Seeing those orange bags, mile after mile after mile is thrilling because you're part of something big. And it's clean. It's really clean. You can see the difference. It's sort of miraculous.”

Caroline Bradford

“It tastes better because it's brewed with the whole leaf. Tea bags are filled with the remainder of roasted tea leaves, which is still good, but takes a little bit away from the tea.”

Cathy Pernock

“Considering a large quantity of goods were stolen, the suspect must have used large bags or a vehicle to transfer the loot.”

Huang Ying

“We want to get some one-gallon bags and put together things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, soap, hand sanitizer and a comb, ... It would save Randy and Terre having to sort everything. If people feel clean, they feel better about themselves. It's the little things we just take for granted.”

Dennis Richards

“When blacks made purchases in any store, they weren't given paper bags; instead, they had to carry out their purchases without a bag. If my mother had informed us of these things, it might have lessened her authoritarian presence in the world. Or, she might have come home one day to find me with hundreds of paper bags that I might have stolen somewhere.”

August Wilson