Bags Related Quotes

“We're seeing all kinds of boxes, cardboard, bags, wrapping paper and packaging materials, and soon we'll see an increase in yard waste when people start taking their Christmas trees down. We have an influx of garbage every Christmas. Our truck drivers are hauling the containers as fast as they can.”

Paula Clark

“We probably sell over 1,000 bags a week.”

Curtis Anderson

“in-house reviewing our processes, comparing the donor records relating to the affected bags, reviewing records on our storage of the empty bags, full bags, you name it.”

Patricia Smith

“Seeing those orange bags, mile after mile after mile is thrilling because you're part of something big. And it's clean. It's really clean. You can see the difference. It's sort of miraculous.”

Caroline Bradford

“Seeing mums and dads queuing to buy large bags of vegetables was the only memory of the snow. They were afraid that the prices of vegetables would go up the next morning.”

Chen Li

“Until the airlines are able to guarantee the bags are going to be at baggage claim within a certain period of time, the tendency is going to be to carry on.”

Chris Mcginnis

“There is a series of sterile bags, and it all is contained in one kit. The blood never leaves that kit.”

Denise Todero

“Once everybody gets on the plane with few bags, once the plane lands, getting off the plane is a lot easier.”

Chris Mcginnis

“It was kind of weird being scheduled. We just came in with our bags and our pillows and said, 'We're here and we're ready.' It was funny.”

Catherine Wood

“We've had a lot of customers who wanted less bags and we wanted to meet our customers' preference. Our main objective was getting the stores to focus on meeting our customers' request of receiving less bags, which meant achieving 4.2 items per bag.”

Karen Rodarte