Bags Related Quotes

Damn these human beings; if I had invented them I would go hide my head in a bag.

Mark Twain

“Every seat on that bus was piled high with bags of school supplies - people were unbelievably generous. As I walked down the school bus aisle, which I haven't done for quite a few years, I remembered how I took my education for granted.”

Cindy Hanson

“Once everybody gets on the plane with few bags, once the plane lands, getting off the plane is a lot easier.”

Chris Mcginnis

“Considering a large quantity of goods were stolen, the suspect must have used large bags or a vehicle to transfer the loot.”

Huang Ying

“Then you could allow your rural residents to bring in their blue bags and dump them off.”

Mark Kunkel

“We don't want to speculate. There's a lot of parts moving around and bags being shipped. Things happen. That's not to say we're not going to investigate.”

David Castelveter

“There is a series of sterile bags, and it all is contained in one kit. The blood never leaves that kit.”

Denise Todero

“Manufacturers should follow the lead of Honda, Nissan and Toyota in making head-protecting side air bags standard in their minivans. Important safety equipment like this shouldn't be optional.”

Adrian Lund

“We haven't been to a bowl since 2001, so it's good stuff. It was a lot of bags, sweats, fleece.”

Orus Lambert

“I left the circuit in Bahrain immediately after all the interviews, changed, grabbed the bags and was off to the airport and flew to Dubai. I spent the night there, got up early in the morning for a delayed flight - I really could have slept a lot more! - and went directly to Malaysia.”

Scott Speed