Bags Related Quotes

“in-house reviewing our processes, comparing the donor records relating to the affected bags, reviewing records on our storage of the empty bags, full bags, you name it.”

Patricia Smith

“We're attempting to contract for materials, such as rock, super sand bags, cranes, and also for modes of transportation like barges and helicopters, to close the gap and stop the flow of water.”

Walter Baumy

“Manufacturers should follow the lead of Honda, Nissan and Toyota in making head-protecting side air bags standard in their minivans. Important safety equipment like this shouldn't be optional.”

Adrian Lund

“This win was the momentum shift because being down 3-0 we were most likely packing our bags and getting out our golf clubs. We have to play with as much energy on Thursday night.”

Don Mckee

“I never knew how many little things went into someone's death: choosing the right black patent leather shoes for the little girls to wear; finding out what day someone's paycheck stops; seeing suits and shirts, still in their dry cleaning bags, hanging in a closet.”

Lee Woodruff

“When blacks made purchases in any store, they weren't given paper bags; instead, they had to carry out their purchases without a bag. If my mother had informed us of these things, it might have lessened her authoritarian presence in the world. Or, she might have come home one day to find me with hundreds of paper bags that I might have stolen somewhere.”

August Wilson

“It tastes better because it's brewed with the whole leaf. Tea bags are filled with the remainder of roasted tea leaves, which is still good, but takes a little bit away from the tea.”

Cathy Pernock

“We probably sell over 1,000 bags a week.”

Curtis Anderson

“We don't want to speculate. There's a lot of parts moving around and bags being shipped. Things happen. That's not to say we're not going to investigate.”

David Castelveter

“We're not sorting through the garbage and looking in garbage bags. This is just a visual check and we're going to assume what we see on top represents the garbage beneath.”

Peter Russell