Bake Related Quotes

“We'll figure something out even if we have to have bake sales. I can see kids skating, in my mind, in August.”

Dannettee Shoemaker

“Before my morning started, I've already had to bake two cakes and I'm getting ready to take a mid-term test in philosophy.”

Denise Moore

“We decided to bring the entire town together, ... We can have a bake sale, battle of the bands, raffles - anything we can think of that will bring in funds to help those poor people who have lost everything.”

Robert Lowe

“There's a bunch of shake and bake tests we have to probably go through.”

Carsten Mundt

“You can't bake an omelet without breaking an egg”

Dutch Proverb

“Jerusalem artichokes are very sweet this time of year, ... I like to bake them until they are buttery. Add butter and thyme and a little chicken stock until they are glazed.”

Daniel Boulud

“I'm baking an apple pie tonight, and I dont care Mr.Carb.. Im eating it at 10pm with ice cream,. Take that!!! ok ok ok..Im sorry, Ill workout after.”

Nerissa Irving

“I think Matt Brown is almost to the point that he's going to be holding bake sales. Donors don't want to give money unless they think you're viable, and if you're on the verge of bankruptcy, you're not going to pass the viability test.”

Darrell West

“If you can make it, bake it or grow it.”

Carolyn Bouchard

“He's really the cook, not me. We were joking about that. ... I like to bake sweets and stuff. It's unusual I would be chosen as a finalist for a casserole.”

Kibby Jackson