Bake Related Quotes

“I'm baking an apple pie tonight, and I dont care Mr.Carb.. Im eating it at 10pm with ice cream,. Take that!!! ok ok ok..Im sorry, Ill workout after.”

Nerissa Irving

“We'll figure something out even if we have to have bake sales. I can see kids skating, in my mind, in August.”

Dannettee Shoemaker

“If you can make it, bake it or grow it.”

Carolyn Bouchard

“I like to prepare dough ahead for pizza crusts too. Whenever I bake loaves of whole wheat, anadama, herb, or other breads . . . I just mix up a little extra, package the dough in onepound lots, and freeze it right alongside my other ingredients. Then—when pizza day rolls around—all I have to do is go to the freezer and select one container of crust, one sauce, one sausage, and one cheese . . . thaw everything . . . roll out the dough and spread on the sauce, sausage, and cheese . . . bake my creation at 450°F for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is slightly browned . . . and 'serve 'er up' to a hungry family of four.”

Carolyn Allen

“The entire Earth would be in bake mode.”

William Bottke

“There's a bunch of shake and bake tests we have to probably go through.”

Carsten Mundt

“It was a lemonade stand and bake sale on a large scale.”

Steven Katz

“He's really the cook, not me. We were joking about that. ... I like to bake sweets and stuff. It's unusual I would be chosen as a finalist for a casserole.”

Kibby Jackson

“We decided to bring the entire town together, ... We can have a bake sale, battle of the bands, raffles - anything we can think of that will bring in funds to help those poor people who have lost everything.”

Robert Lowe

“It bore absolutely no resemblance to the 'rude cabin' described by racial detractors, ... and was surrounded by a bake house, a milk house, a smokehouse, a chicken house with '44 big hens,' a workhouse, a cow house, and a barn that housed '30 big horned beasts.' ”

Robert Reed