Baker Related Quotes

“I think we have to stop (Baker) and (Morgan) Staples. I don't think you can underestimate (Staples). She can shoot.”

Arnie Clark

“He said that was the prettiest sight he'd seen in his life. So they decided to stay in Baker Valley.”

Charles Chandler

“[Subjected to this flood of unfamiliar sounds, Baker and his classmates soon found themselves trying to stay afloat in the same boat.] Friendships and camaraderie quickly grew, ... We did everything together: lunch, studying, dinner and then socializing.”

Cheryl Baker

“It was a great read by Frank Ross. And [quarterback Sean] Baker made some [good] plays back there. We're coming along at the skill positions.”

Mike Pavlansky

“Baker really pitched a solid game tonight. We only hit one ball hard until the eight inning there. We just need to learn from that and do a better job of hitting when we face him again in two more weeks.”

Larry Lee

“We'll be willing to have Minister [Michael] Baker meet with this person and discuss this tax policy matter.”

Cathy Shaw

“When I was in Famous Monsters as 'Rick Baker, Monster Maker,' I'd made it, that was the most famous I ever felt.”

Rick Baker

“(Baker) got his feet set and he hit the shot with confidence. We were fortunate we hit some big shots down the stretch.”

Dan Starkey

“[All need Baker to help them. And not just catching the deep one. They need him running the medium range routes that maybe he didn’t consistently run properly the past two years and read the coverages and concentrate to catch the little passes in addition to the big ones.] I want to be an all-around receiver, ... Deep balls come, but I want to catch them all. The past couple of years I’ve been behind a couple of receivers. Now I’m one of the oldest receivers, so I look to be more ready.”

Chris Baker

“I think that's because we have a more balanced attack. They had Calvin (Baker) and Stefan (Welsh) for the most part, but we have four players averaging double figures, and there's balance coming off of the bench.”

Duke Crews