Baker Related Quotes

“He said that was the prettiest sight he'd seen in his life. So they decided to stay in Baker Valley.”

Charles Chandler

“When Dewey Baker started off rebounding, that motivated all of us to get in there and rebound like he was rebounding.”

Cody Thueringer

“Finally, somebody besides the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker are going to be looking at these issues - people with actual expertise.”

David Lane

“I think we have to stop (Baker) and (Morgan) Staples. I don't think you can underestimate (Staples). She can shoot.”

Arnie Clark

“When I was in Famous Monsters as 'Rick Baker, Monster Maker,' I'd made it, that was the most famous I ever felt.”

Rick Baker

“[After 5-6 and a bowl-less 2004, it’s time the Hogs get it done, Baker said. He likes Osceola and all, but doesn’t want to spend the entire Christmas holidays there.] When the bowl games are on, ... and you are home watching them play, it makes you come together as a team when you get back. It makes everyone come together so you are not sitting at home watching other teams play bowl week. I really do think we’ll get back to a bowl game because from the start of summer workouts everybody has been pushing each other saying, ‘ We can’t go 5-6. ’”

Chris Baker

“We'll be willing to have Minister [Michael] Baker meet with this person and discuss this tax policy matter.”

Cathy Shaw

“(Baker) got his feet set and he hit the shot with confidence. We were fortunate we hit some big shots down the stretch.”

Dan Starkey

“[Neither Dusty Baker or Sammy Sosa would comment on their closed-door meeting, prompted by Baker's earlier statement that Sosa was] sensitive ... you just can't lose him psychologically and spiritually.”

Sammy Sosa

“It will change the face of Baker County, yes it will.”

Cathy Rhoden