Balances Related Quotes

“We have a spectacular brand in Dunhill, and a very fast-growing brand in Pall Mall, and that balances our portfolio so that we can take real price increases.”

Andrew Gray

“That's what (the conference) is all about, to come up with a joint statement that balances the need for adequate vitamin D with the kind of sun protection you need to minimize skin cancer.”

Richard Gallagher

“Obviously I've tried my best within a small cabinet to try to represent all these different balances while at the same time obviously taking into account the skills and experience of individuals.”

Stephen Harper

“Basically, it's a huge message to send out to women who are worried about hormone balances to make sure they stay fit. It's going to give women pause to reflect.”

Carl Cotman

“The alarming manufacturing figures, the decline in confidence balances across all sectors, and the fall in all the export balances are the most disturbing features of the Q3 results,”

David Frost

“It is monitored and audited to the dime. There are all kinds of checks and balances and procedures to make sure there is no abuse of the system.”

Dennis Franchione

“That was a big turning point. With turnovers, that kind of tips the balances a little bit.”

Rief Gilg

“No matter what happens, there are humans involved. We make mistakes. We try to go through enough checks and balances.”

Dan Stevens

“You lose sight of things... and when you travel, everything balances out.”

Daranna Gidel

“In Liberia there has always been a very strong executive branch that has not had effective checks and balances from other branches of the government. That needs to change.”

Donald Booth