Balances Related Quotes

“We are quite confident the system has sufficient checks and balances.”

Lloyd Axworthy

“We'll be the checks and balances on this out-of-control, criminal government.”

Cindy Sheehan

“Whenever you capture information, there should be checks and balances. It's certainly important to bear security in mind whenever you're working with databases.”

Dan Mullen

“From a supply and demand point of view, they can't materially affect the balances.”

Gary Ross

“We needed Simon Jones's type of bowling which balances our bowling attack.”

Duncan Fletcher

“What we have here is a checks-and-balances system. Ozzie says whatever he wants. And Kenny is the voice of reason.”

Chris Widger

“In Liberia there has always been a very strong executive branch that has not had effective checks and balances from other branches of the government. That needs to change.”

Donald Booth

“It's good that we already have strong post players. But she doesn't just go with the post, she balances it out.”

Chelsea Dale

This used to be a government of checks and balances. Now it's all checks and no balances.

Gracie Allen

“The alarming manufacturing figures, the decline in confidence balances across all sectors, and the fall in all the export balances are the most disturbing features of the Q3 results,”

David Frost