Balancing Related Quotes

Balancing a nominal budget will solve nothing, and attempting to achieve such a spurious balance will produce much mischief.

William Vickrey

girls do not need fairness cream.they need to know day and night both are balancing earth in whole universe.

Lity Munshi

By balancing the needs of families and employers, and by extending a safe haven to those fleeing persecution, our immigration policy serves its historic purpose. Freedom and opportunity is the cornerstone of American society, and immigrants continue to embody that freedom.

Spencer Abraham

Everybody has two legs, two lobes to the brain which is why we tend to be interested in symmetry, always balancing things.

Gore Vidal

When it comes to losing weight, balancing your hormones is absolutely crucial. Not only will it help you lose weight by correcting a sluggish metabolism, but you'll look more rested and vibrant, your mood will improve, and you'll get your libido back!

Suzanne Somers

“It's a judicious approach to balancing the need for transplants, but also minimizing the risk. It's a very cautious approach, because the risks are very real.”

David Kessler

Certainty always produces questions, uncertainty statements. It is a balancing law of nature.

Djuna Barnes

Step with care and great tact. And remember life's a great balancing act.

Dr. Seuss

“I love the word 'juxtapose,' ... I like balancing words together like cruel and gentle, sad and beautiful. Life is not all black and white -- it's shaded.”

Charlie Sexton

Being a 911 operator means balancing seemingly contradictory skills. On one hand, operators have to be fanatically precise and well-organized. On the other, they must be able to establish rapport with panicky callers.

Gary Wolf