Bands Related Quotes

I'm really interested in bands that sound nothing like anything I do or can do. That's what interests me.

Andy Partridge

The only way I was allowed to play was by convincing bands to let me do a few songs while they set up. That went on for years.


Wrought upon at length, you may say, by an enthusiasm and frenzy that could brook no control - I burst the tyrant bands, which held my sex in awe, and clandestinely, or by stealth, grasped an opportunity, which custom and the world seemed to deny, as a natural privilege.

Deborah Sampson

“There's new young bands out there that just have incredible, really great songs,”

Citizen Cope

As much as I love Slipknot, I don't want that to carry over into what I do for Stone Sour. I want both bands to stand on their own.

Corey Taylor

“This isn't a hobby. It's got to be something they're down to do. A lot of bands don't dedicate the time they should. It's hard to find time to work around our schedules, and we make it work.”

Mike Slade

People always ask me 'do you think there should be more bands doing political music?' and I say 'absolutely not.'

Serj Tankian

AC/DC, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper - I learned stories of all these guys. That's when I fell in love with Queen, which is one of my favorite bands of all time... I started paying attention to what made music good. I started paying attention to why I liked it.

Rico Love

My roots and Victor's are jazz, basically, but these two young fellows that we have with us come out of rock bands. And they're tremendously exciting players.

Chico Hamilton

“[Outside in the rain, paying punters appeared evenly divided between those there to see the bands and those who had simply come to say goodbye. Others were wary of making a distinction.] You can't separate Peel from the music, they are one and the same thing, ... The music was all that he was about. It was in his DNA.”

David Burroughs