Banner Related Quotes

The best leaders are the ones who show their true colors not during the banner years but during times of struggle.

Shawn Achor

The nation demands a movement which has written upon its banner the internal and external national freedom that it will act as if it were the spiritual, social and political conscience of the nation.

Franz Von Papen

I take with me the conscience of defeat as a victory banner.

Fernando Pessoa

In a higher phase of communist society... only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

Karl Marx

“It looked like a pagan banner planted on a Christian rampart”

Douglas Reed

There are storm clouds before the storm, there are the living before the dead. I need a figurehead, a banner bearer who will announce my arrival to the world.

Kevin Outlaw

“Now that we're in conference play every game is important. We would love to put a banner up here, and being that it is Central just makes it that much more important.”

Courtney Clapp

“This is the fourth Blue Star Banner ceremony that we have all participated in here in Pawling, and basically before, we have not had the soldiers with us, except in a few rare cases. It is very gratifying to see you here this evening, and to be able to thank you and your families personally for your service.”

Dave Kelly

Freedom, Truth, Honour Â? you could rattle off a hundred such words and behind every one of them would gather a thousand punks, pompous little farts, waving the banner with one hand and reaching under the table with the other.

Hunter S. Thompson

“Her hope is that the more liberal, academic environmentalists on the coast would flock to her banner, which they seem to do. But she seems to hit about a 38-to-42-percent ceiling. There are just not enough people living on that coast.”

Carl Luna