Base Related Quotes

“As scientists, we keep an open mind, but we have to base our ideas about the past on archaeological evidence.”

Zahi Hawass

“If the guy's safe there and the runner goes to second base, I deserve to be taken out to the tunnel and chewed out. But it did work out for us.”

Eric Bruntlett

“For eBay, Yahoo would represent a huge expansion of their base. For Yahoo, whose revenue is almost entirely derived from advertising, it gets them a new stream.”

Lise Buyer

“The first thing is to prepare the base of the poles. The poles themselves are ready to deliver and the light assemblies are being manufactured and will be ready to go in about five weeks.”

Carol Branham

“No. He's not. He doesn't have the base.”

Phil Jackson

“We put them on base, they have great team speed and use it well. They had some timely hits and some errors on our part.”

Matt Shippee

“We hadn't got the lead off batter on base all day. The lead off is huge. That puts pressure on the other team.”

Chris Terry

“We are pleased to add AOS to our expanding base of customers. We look forward to supporting AOS with superb wafer processing along with a wide range of services including turnkey solutions and module development.”

Jae Song

“We play stuff from all of our albums because our fan base has been with us for so long. Kids are singing along [to] lyrics from the songs we play from the first album and the second album, so we definitely mix it up.”

Zacky Vengeance

“The broadcast free-to-air TV industry has seen a proliferation of channels and the development of the enabled base of VCR/DVDs and game consoles. All of this has created massive competition for the eyeball and fragmented audiences. The changes now under way with Internet TV, mobile 3G and VOD are possibly even more profound. The two key questions are how serious are these changes for the networks and how are they dealing with them?”

Neil Blackley