Baseball Related Quotes

“Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being ended sooner.”

George Bernard Shaw

“I love playing baseball man. I am always playing baseball and I definitely want to play in college.”

Alvin Simmons

“My concern at this point is the safety of the kids and to assist the families. Baseball is very secondary as opposed to what's going on.”

Steve Jones

“I did grow up with Kurt Russell as a Dad, who was a professional baseball player, with all boys. All I wanted to do was be the best athlete. I was the kind of person that in high school, if I didn't beat the record, I was very disappointed in myself. I finally got to do that in my work.”

Kate Hudson

“Two of the most miserable players in baseball - the Dodgers' Milton Bradley and Jeff Kent - are at war with each other. Isn't this a little like choosing sides between Iran and North Korea?”

Mike Bianchi

“We are thrilled Coach Montague joined the Marist baseball staff, ... His work ethic and baseball knowledge are unparalleled. His energy on and off the field carries over to the players and that is why he gets the most out of his players.”

Dennis Healy

“Louis is a good athlete with great baseball instincts. He takes charge on the field and will give us depth in the infield. He's a great defensive ballplayer who also handles the bat well.”

Robbie Wine

“I believe it will lift baseball not only in Puerto Rico, but also in other places of the world where it's been down.”

Carlos Sanchez

“The boys today, they play little baseball outside organized practices and things like that.”

Scott Easter

“The baseball is going to dictate it. You can't predict not doing well because not everybody's in good shape, so you never know what could happen. We have a good team.”

Chairon Isenia