Based Related Quotes

“Completion of this acquisition adds a number of strategic benefits to the partnership, including additional fee-based revenue under long-term contracts.”

David Kyle

“We believe that these convictions are based on evidence that isn't credible and a trial that isn't fair,”

Adam Ereli

“based on the fact that we have yet to see the results of a forensic investigation of the contents of the backpacks.”

Antonietta Sonnessa

“It's just a broad-based sell-off. Bank stocks are weak, tech stocks are weak.”

David Katz

“A vendor neutral, standards-based approach must be adopted,”

Carly Fiorina

“We don't think surgery is necessary based on what we saw in spring training.”

Dave Littlefield

“So I don't think anybody can draw conclusions based on five days, and that's separate and apart from the bigger picture of, 'Do you trust Saddam Hussein?' ”

Ari Fleischer

“Based on this principle, we rule it illegal to use civilians as human shields, and we also rule it illegal to use civilians to pass military warnings from the army to those the army wants to arrest.”

Aharon Barak

“The fact that it's based on the Web doesn't make the project any easier, ... You need to do all the due diligence that you'd do on any outsourcing project, especially one that's this strategic.”

Ajay Singh

“Based on what we have heard from manufacturers, we believe that 0.1 is doable.”

Michael Kashtock