Basically Related Quotes

“It basically covers the supplies to keep our program going. (Fourth District Juvenile Court provides) all of the transportation, we provide all of the equipment and we provide the supervision.”

Shelly Waite

“Basically, we're following our customers. If you take The Wall Street Journal, our customers don't just think of The Wall Street Journal newspaper, they think of it as a franchise.”

Richard Zannino

“Basically, we didn't get the wind first in overtime. That's not why they scored, but psychologically it was a factor. It was very much a factor all day.”

Derek Mazeitis

“We had done several designs, where the stadium was basically just that -- it was just the stadium independent. At some point in the project, the Ford family bought the warehouses, and the vision was, 'OK, how can we use this?”

Paul Tonti

“Just to put smiles on peoples' faces, that is the answer to why everyone works in this department. We basically build stuff for people to play on and it's great.”

Doug Mercer

“Iraqi citizens are faced with a very tough position of basically having to confront their fears, ... decide for themselves whether they consider that this election is important enough ... in order to risk their lives to go and vote.”

Carina Perelli

“Basically, if she gets on base, even if she walks, she'll turn it into a triple because she'll steal second and then steal third. She's pretty fast for our level (Class 1A). She makes some really good plays.”

Shawn Lytle

“John and I used to basically ignore each other. We were cold as ice to each other. He found it easier that way.”

Christine Mcvie

“Our goal is to sustain our status as one of the best programs. We have basically arrived as one of the best teams in the nation. To sustain that status, the coaches and players need to continue working hard. But the other component is the fan base and media coverage. That goes hand in hand.”

Charli Turner Thorne

“Basically, all a driver really will need is a current road atlas, changes of clothes, and some extra cash to cover the costs of food, optionally-chosen tolls, and any other miscellaneous expenses.”

Craig Chilton