Bearing Related Quotes

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

“George, a camel, stepped on the foot of a Rockette; six sheep came off the elevator as three kings bearing gifts got on; human Christmas trees bumped into eight maids-a-milking at the water cooler and an elf came down with the flu.”

William E. Geist

Giving birth and nourishing, Bearing yet not possessing, Working yet not taking credit, Leading yet not dominating, This is the Primal Virtue.


We came from Bethlehem, Georgia bearing Betty Crocker cake mixes into the jungle.

Barbara Kingsolver

A wife is the earth itself, changing hands, bearing scars.

Barbara Kingsolver

But women are always attracted to power. I do not think there could ever be a conqueror so bloody that most women would not willingly lie with him in the hope of bearing a son who would be every bit as ferocious as the father.

Gore Vidal

“There's an enormous inner concentration that's necessary to have the proper bearing on stage and to fill out the simple movements with energy. Even when an actor is standing still on stage, there's still an energy projected from that body. The audience should feel it, all the way through the performance.”

Gary Mathews

In that weekly ecstatic keeping of faith and bearing of witness, Delia fell in love with singing. Singing was something that might make sense of a person. Singing might make more sense of life than living had to start with.

Richard Powers

Liberals force lower middle-class families, who love their children, to dispatch them to ghetto schools dominated by gangs of fatherless boys bearing knives.

George Gilder

Weight-bearing exercise builds bone density, builds your muscular strength so that you can hold your body up where those bones have a tendency to get weak.

Ann Richards