Beat Related Quotes

“Morale isn't down. They are actually upbeat. They realize we have been in every game that we got beat. Everybody is doing the best that we can.”

Jamie Betancur

“It is just a little old-fashioned Texas beat down.”

Shaquille O'neal

“We weren't supposed to beat anyone in our league but Ronan.”

Nate Hammond

“It's always good to beat your rival and it's also good that out of our four singles points, two were from our freshmen.”

Arlo Elkins

“I'm a taper. I'll usually watch how I can beat my defender, what my defender is lacking and what is he scared of.”

Gilbert Arenas

“We've got to beat them. I said that early in the season and I continue to say it. We've got to beat them. Until we beat them, it means nothing. We still are always playing catch-up to them.”

Cliff Floyd

“Do you beat your own wife as you would a slave? That must you not do”


“I just got beat. I played almost as good as I could. I've had some good weeks here. Obviously, I'd like to do really well this week.”

Ernie Els

“It's a huge game to beat Benton. It's a big rivalry. I get up for the Benton week. I think our kids do, maybe we do even more than the kids because we remember how it was years ago. I think it's still a big rivalry. We had a ton of adversity this week and our seniors really came together. We had a teammate (FCHS senior Wes Miller) who was in a coma in St. Louis. I had no idea how we were going to show up. We had some kids miss practice to go up there, and that's fantastic. They really stood by their fallen teammate. We've been preaching all week to come together as a team and I think we did tonight.”

Chad Spence

“It was a big win for us. They beat us in the bottom of the seventh earlier this season, and we were excited to play them again.”

Dale Cutsforth