Beating Related Quotes

“The Key To Beating Fear, Is To LIVE A Life So Full There Is No Room For It… Fear Thrives On Emptiness.”

Dr.'s Rick And Susann Crawford

“We'd always been close to beating Chico State, but we'd never been able to pull it out. This year we came out and played a really good game. We minimized our mistakes and we got the win.”

Chris Zahner

“Beating Becton was a nice thing, but we want to get back here. The County tournament is what it is. If you want to prove anything here, you do it in the County.”

Kevin Tuve

“It was definitely a wake-up. We are still in the Top 25, but [beating N.C. State] would have showed a lot of people we are about business. It would have been a great opportunity for us to get a spot ... in the NCAA tournament.”

Carl Elliott

“He said, `He hasn't landed a glove on you,' ... I said you better check the referee, because somebody is beating the (heck) out of me.”

David Steele

“Beating any incumbent is a difficult thing. Any number of things including name recognition and campaign funding are hard to overcome but I'm very confident that the voters in the 12th district will find me a better choice to represent them in the state senate. It's difficult but winnable.”

Gregg Hannan

“They are successful people, making lots of money, beating their competitors. They think this will be similar to other negotiations they have had. It is not.”

Colin Gabriel

“We're not beating any rinky-dink teams here. Not that anyone in the NFL is rinky-dink, but we're beating some of the best teams out there.”

Ashley Lelie

“Staying close to them and playing them is easier than some teams in this league, but beating them is a real challenge. That's what's so great about these tournaments, it's any given day. We played decent against them twice, but those things - throw them out. Just like you had to throw them out for the Michigan game, you throw that out now.”

Dan Monson

“I was very pleased beating BC, but that seems like it was a couple months ago now. You want to continue to improve. Once you get to a certain point in your schedule, you get to where you're just preparing for that next game, basically. That's not the time of year you can get better. This is a time where we've had practices, [and] even though it's during exams, you expect to get better.”

Gary Williams