Behind Related Quotes

“I got the job by walking into the director's office, ... I saw this guy behind a desk and said, 'Where is the director, little boy? What is this -- bring-your-kid-to-work day?'”

Wanda Sykes

“And this car was sitting along side the road. So, we went in and asked the lady behind the counter if this was one of the real Blues-mobiles. She said yes, that her and her husband owned it, and she had driven it to work that day.”

Wayne Barlow

“You kind of got to get behind him and just give him a gentle push into the gate. He won't walk up willingly on his own. He kind of balks at it a little bit. Once you get behind him and give him a little shove he moves forward and goes right where he's asked to.”

Michael Trombetta

“They've always been behind me and the good work is bearing fruit. I hope this is a start to return to my true level,”

Cadel Evans

“I told myself to try and make a game of it. I was only four strokes behind and I was hitting the ball well. I had my chances on the 14th and 15th holes, but this is golf.”

Andrew Buckle

“We wanted it slow, and they obviously didn't. They got the tempo going their way. When you fall behind by 15 points, it's hard to walk the ball up the court. We had to get out of our game.”

Dan Roiger

“It's more consistent with someone hiding and waiting behind that door.”

Kevin O'connor

“It is about time that we as the workers of the region throw our weight behind the people of Swaziland who are fighting for democratic reforms.”

Zwelinzima Vavi

“The Iraq war is the driving force behind the Army's recruiting problem. Working in the civilian economy doesn't entail the risk of getting blown up by an IED in Iraq.”

Charles Pena

“I don't want people to think we've put it behind us. Though she had her life taken away, she's still a child to me. And I think a she deserves a party.”

Christine Kullorn