Behind Related Quotes

“For the most part they were taking long range shots, ... They weren't getting in behind our defense too comfortably.”

Chris Brown

“It's a very useful image. Blair is smaller and scurrying along behind Bush, trying to keep in step.”

Dave Brown

“I'm eighteen years behind in my ironing”

Phyllis Diller

“The idea behind the pseudonyms is that you can eliminate the dossier effect, where everything you're doing is being collected, archived, and linked to you,”

Austin Hill

“We didn't want to get behind like McAuley did. We learned a lesson, I guess. We wanted to go out and get the jump on them so that we're not playing catch-up.”

Kayla Parker

“It was the basic story of having to leave it all behind, ... My grandfather was a lawyer and landowner who had it all, and when he came [to America] he was selling strawberries.”

Al Montoya

“He was just moving his front end, and his hind legs sort of moved shakily behind him, ... It was really cute.”

Suzan Murray

“And for every nation there is a doom, so when their doom is come they shall not remain behind the least while, nor shall they go before.”


“It's been fantastic. They obviously seem very excited and are ready to get behind the team. I think it'll be fantastic.”

Wade Barrett

“We don't feel like we've played to our capabilities so far this season. But that's all behind us.”

Chris Coghlan