Belief Related Quotes

“We have had a lift from the recent performances and there is a real belief now that we can win games. We were unlucky not to beat Italy and we'll try to do the same against Norway.”

Walter Smith

Belief creates biology.

Norman Cousins

Faith is a devout belief in what one does not understand.

Marie Anne De Vichy-chamrond, Marquise Du Deffand

“When I say forgotten, they're forgotten usually by government agencies and there seems to be a mistaken belief that animals take a lesser priority.”

Michael O'sullivan

“At Christmas time I believe the things that children do. I believe with English children that holly placed in windows will protect our homes from evil. I believe with Swiss children that the touch of edelweiss will charm a person with love.”

Daniel Roselle:

“His belief in the Founding Fathers' vision of judicial restraint, federalism, and deference to the legislative and executive branches ... has enjoyed a tremendous renaissance in his time. He is truly the godfather of the constitutionalist movement in American law.”

C. Boyden Gray

The characteristic political attitude of today is not one of positive belief, but of despair.

Herbert Read

“All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties.”

Charles W. Eliot

“Lifting the contribution limits, I just can't do that. It's a pretty deeply held belief of mine.”

Sen. Joan Bray

But teleological considerations can lead no further than to a belief and a hope. They do not give certainty.

Christian Lous Lange