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“They've turned the ball over to him. I think they really believe in him and I think the key to th ...

- Roger Staubach
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“Douglas is the team to beat. I firmly believe that.”

- Chris Wells
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“We are entering an exciting field with vaccines. Chiron has a fair share of challenges but I beli ...

- Daniel Vasella
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“The biggest drop before would be 800 pounds, I believe.”

- Nikki Hunt
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“I believe that this case is about the unfortunate tragic death of a young pregnant mother who was ...

- Clyde Bennett
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“We didn't exactly believe your story, Miss O'Shea, we believed your 200 dollars.”

- Humphrey Bogart
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“I've said it after every feature, but I mean it...I can't believe we are doing this, ... It helps ...

- Andy James
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