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“We believe, based on everything we see today, that we will fulfill our plans for production into ...

- Craig Martin
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“He could decide to go to the ranch, but that is difficult to believe.”

- Hanan Crystal
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“Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.”

- Chuck Knox
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Truth [is] what is better for us to believe.

- Richard Rorty
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“People can believe anything that they want. Despite how disorganized it may seem to the all-knowi ...

- Dale Murray
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“We believe there's much to be gained by combining strengths of each organization. Our combined co ...

- Larry Glasscock
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“Let’s not look for excuses to our laziness- but let’s have a faith that we are able to do EVE ...

- Svetlana Shchedrina | Luckyoptimist
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“We believe Microsoft will continue to step up production throughout the year.”

- Warren Jenson
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