Benefits Related Quotes

“The costs are coming in lower, the benefits are coming in better than expected.”

Mark Mcclellan

“So there were benefits both for those who were able to abstain altogether … and even among those who did not abstain, they were much less likely to drink heavily.”

Michael Bohn

“Richard will not let his coverage be determined by anything he may have received for free, or any other benefits, including the trips and the bachelor party.”

Howard Rubenstein

“So the world's warming up. What happens now? There actually are, strangely enough, there are benefits. I'm going to try to show both sides and let people make up their minds.”

Ron Galloway

“I think everyone benefits in a slow market. I think the buyers benefit in getting a property at a better price, and I think sellers are still getting a very fair price for their property. There is not an imbalance.”

David Kerr

“Basically, companies are still struggling to capture benefits from CRM.”

William Band

“The early accession of China to WTO benefits not only China but also WTO itself. My own personal view is that if China can become a member of WTO before the launch of a new round of WTO negotiations, this will play a positive role.”

Wang Guangya

“[But what if you're not a behemoth like GM? The benefits apply to organizations of any size.] It's affordable 'narrow-casting,' feasible to do whether your audience is 10 or 1,000 people, ... my handshake to the world.”

Craig Williams

“Target has one of the best health care and benefits packages in the industry. We are an industry leader in providing a wide array of excellent benefits that allow us to attract and retain the best team members.”

Carolyn Brookter

“There's always a plan in place. When it happens, it's great, and everybody benefits.”

Kevin Hamilton