Besides Related Quotes

I've lost lots of men in my life, besides my mother, which is a whole different loss.

Patti Smith

“I'm definitely, besides the guys collecting cans, the poorest guy here.”

Herculez Gomez

When I was young, I couldnt imagine women of 60 falling in love. For one thing, people used to stay married; they werent out in the jungle, searching for romance. Besides, these women just looked so ancient - permed hair, beige cardis.

Deborah Moggach

You're much better than fireworks. They're all over in a moment, and you're going to stay for a fortnight. Besides, fireworks are noisy, and they make too much smoke.

Kate Ross

One aspect of politics too little acknowledged is that besides being jolly serious and all that, it is also a hugely enjoyable game for boys.

Andrew Marr

The child takes most of his nature of the mother, besides speech, manners, and inclination.

Herbert Spencer

It is all true, or it ought to be; and more and better besides.

Winston Churchill

If I could take a punch like that, I might have been able to think up a name besides George for all my sons.

George Foreman

How did we win the election in the year 2000? We talked about a humble foreign policy: No nation-building; don't police the world. That's conservative, it's Republican, it's pro-American - it follows the founding fathers. And, besides, it follows the Constitution.

Ron Paul

“Barry, besides what he does with the bat, he's a tremendous base-runner. He doesn't have speed, but his sense of reaching a base or taking the extra base is still there. He's a good judge.”

Felipe Alou