Beyond Related Quotes

“We had an idea that we could do it, but this was beyond anything we expected. We were underdogs all season. We just wanted to show everybody that we could do it.”

Matt Kulbacki

“The older wells are getting less productive. Beyond that, demand continues to increase.”

Michael Wood

“What we're concerned with is the timing of it, beyond the uncertainty that is inherent in the vote. If it happens in November, it might be too late.”

Wally Walker

“The Moon and Mars were the two most likely candidates for life in the solar system; what exists beyond our solar system is mere guesswork.”

Walter Lang

“We want to go beyond what we read in the paper about what is happening on The Hill. We all agree America's immigration policy needs work and we are urging our congressmen to take a bold, active leadership role to work toward immigration reform.”

Pat Williams

“You've got to be safe. Everything within spec, brake adjustment, axle seals, anything. But they'll go above and beyond just to try and shut you down.”

Larry Rhodes

“I wanted to expand beyond audio and offer clients other kinds of creative, but I knew it was important to partner with someone and not just hire a designer. I wanted a person that would have a stake in the company's success ? someone with an entrepreneurial spirit that could make this into its own thing. John is someone I've known for years and the timing turned out to be perfect because at the same time I was looking to expand he was thinking of opening his own place as well.”

Paul Goldman

“Fish say, they have their stream and pond;But is there anything beyond?”

Rupert Brooke

“Society; has created a mask for many years, and today that mask still exists, we must remove this mask and shine like the "Sun", nature provides beyond our door!”

Penny D Sherwood

“Our relationship has matured beyond the stage when our focus should be measured by the sheer potential. Now, our trading relationship needs to be measured by results.”

Carlos Gutierrez