Bid Related Quotes

“Bigger players have multi-million ad budgets. The fact that they have to bid a couple of dollars on key words isn't so attractive to them. However, they can't ignore the size and reach of the audience,”

Chris Sherman

“When your name gets put in a sentence with Jeff Gordon, that's a bid deal. I have a lot of respect for Jeff Gordon.”

Greg Biffle

“The current share price is 8.50 and the bid is 8.10 ... so I think the chances of that bid happening is probably less than 50/50 anyway despite regulatory or political interference.”

David Cumming

“The American people already have serious concerns about the Bush-Cheney administration giving Halliburton $7 billion in no-bid Iraq contracts. These new reports about accounting gimmicks at Halliburton while Cheney was CEO only reinforce those concerns. It's no wonder people think this White House has trouble with the truth and lacks credibility.”

Chad Clanton

“We've had a lot of people comment that maybe our league deserves an automatic bid more than leagues that have automatic bids, without naming names.”

Craig Thompson

“We are thrilled that the City of San Francisco has accepted our joint bid.”

Megan Quinn

“Higher corn prices may still bid some additional acres into corn, as most farmers in the Midwest have not started planting.”

Paul Bertels

“I do not think stocks should have a bid premium built into them. That assumes that there is a good reason to buy them.”

Neil Parker

“We plan to re-certify our bid. We don't anticipate any changes. And we believe we have a very good shot at winning.”

Dick Anderson

“Accepting the … bid also implies that investors miss an expected 500 million euro special dividend and the benefits from a 500 million euro share buyback program in 2006.”

Hans Slob