Bidding Related Quotes

“We are looking less favorably toward 2016 bidding at this moment,”

Peter Ueberroth

“The fact that the bidding went to a second round implies that either the league's reserve price wasn't met or, more likely, that two or more bids are fairly similar. So there's a danger that Sky doesn't win two of the remaining three packages, or they have to pay up for them.”

Paul Richards

“I wouldn't expect these documents to affect this exuberant bidding.”

Randy Katz

“Most of our big bidders don't to get into a bidding war in the beginning of the auction. They want to stay back and get it at the end for a good price.”

Wes Lane

“BP is aware of an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into possible contract-bidding irregularities involving two companies that do business with the company through the Durango Operations Center.”

Dan Larson

“We would be interested in bidding if Collins & Aikman in the U.S. were to come up for sale,”

Wilbur Ross

“This is about the province reducing its exposure . . . and doing the bidding of the (United Steelworkers).”

Richard Orzy

“We had a great sale. Bidding on e-Bay was very strong as were phone bids. We were busy all weekend.”

David Arnold

“We have asked that those cities interested in bidding for 2016 to just basically not become too active at this point. We've asked them not to start forming committees, developing logos or spending lots of money just yet. We are not telling them they can't speak about it.”

Darryl Seibel

“We deeply regret that some Senators are still willing to do Big Oil?s bidding, and we now turn to the House where the Arctic drilling scheme should be dead on arrival. Americans are clamoring for a clean Congress and a clean energy plan, but sadly they were shortchanged on both today.”

Carl Pope