Big Related Quotes

“He played very well. He made some big saves, especially in the second period. I don't want to say we took the game over, but we played better in the second. We had a couple of great chances and he made big saves.”

Simon Gagne

“I think there's been a big problem between religion, or organized religion, and spirituality.”

Dave Davies

“It's a big change for me. I'm living with my four sons, my husband, my father and a male dog that's not fixed. Basically I'm surrounded by testosterone.”

Wendie Malick

“This is a huge win. Sauk is a good team and a big rival and this is just a huge win for us.”

Chris Larson

“There is a big difference. I wouldn't really call it momentum from the season, because nobody is feeling momentum going into spring ball, but we're all just looking forward to getting on the field. Nobody has been looking at spring ball with a negative attitude, we're all just looking forward to it, and you don't find that a lot, and I think that's a big move for our team.”

Corey Mckeon

“We made a lot of big plays. We had a lot of long passes. And they held the ball on us a little bit. I think defensively we need to be a little more consistent.”

Sean Mcdonnell

“It was a big win. For us it's a confidence builder anytime you can beat them in a shootout.”

Chris Bryant

“That was a big blow, ... No question that when you're not bunching a bunch of hits together, then you need somebody to come through for you big.”

Phil Garner

“I'm going to plaster this campus with the Big South brand as quickly as they'll let me do it.”

Kyle Kallander

“Sometimes we're the big game in town. Other times, we're just kind of a sideshow.”

Claudio Reyna