Big Related Quotes

“Dreams are as big as one imagines, and as real as one hopes”

Marie Muhammad

“Unless there is a big miss in November and there's something very wrong that I don't know about, I think this is a big over-reaction.”

Harry Ikenson

?I am a big Bewitched fan... something about the way Elizabeth Montgomery twitched her nose.?

Barry Williams

“The president views [the] State of the Union as a moment to talk about the big challenges, the major challenges our nation faces at home and abroad. He sees it as an opportunity for this generation and for people who are in office today to face up to these challenges and to deal with them, not to pass them on to future generations.”

Ari Fleischer

“He taught me a lot. It's a big loss for our office, obviously, but it's a great gain for the 7th district. I'm thrilled for him.”

Charles Thomas

“Right now we don't know how big of a spill we have.”

Daren Beaudo

“I like having to use ingenuity... When I'm pitching ideas, I say hey guys, the real scary stuff doesn't need the big bucks... things that go bump in the night... you can scare someone without spending a lot of money.”

George A. Romero

“It would mean a lot for me, and for the offensive linemen. Those guys played a big role in what I did this year. They've done a great job.”

Cadillac Williams

“I didn't think we stayed focused for 32 minutes, but when you have a big lead like that it's hard to. It was nice to have a game like that, especially on the road.”

Mike Baker

“The big issue is they come downhill at you. They start busting some things at you, so you get a little nervous and come up a little more. Then they start hitting over the top of you.”

Lyle Setencich