Bigger Related Quotes

“I do not think we have played a team this athletic before, ... They are bigger stronger and faster in almost every position. I do not think we played slow or didn't put in the effort, this team is known for its athleticism.”

Fred Thompson

“These bigger guys come in and they take a portion of your market share and it just makes it more difficult to operate in some of these major metropolitan areas.”

Mark Cox

“It's a start. From here, we go on to bigger and better things.”

Chris Carothers

“This is his best year. He has had some bigger stats, but as far as playing well and managing the game and percentages, it is his best year.”

Mike Holmgren

“We were surprised. The explosion was much bigger than we had imagined.”

Xavier Garcia

“Sometimes maybe we want them to get in a little bit bigger hurry, but you just have to understand that it really is hot out there, so you can't work as hard as you normally would.”

David Berry

“Like coach (Mike Eaves) said, the season's not over. We've got bigger accomplishments to seize in the next couple of weeks.”

Robbie Earl

“When you look at Mansfield Senior, they're deeper than we are. The difference is we are a little bigger. They sub speed for speed.”

Greg Nossaman

“Seemingly small decisions help enforce the bigger picture and the bank should know better.”

David Mcdonald

“I love it that Lance stayed at BYU because he has so much to offer, ... There's no bigger fan of Lance Reynolds than me.”

Chad Lewis