Bigger Related Quotes

?I didn't want to be so shortsighted as to be worrying about diaper rash, and not taking care of bigger things, like nuclear war.?

Barbara Donachy

“We don't expect the U.S. dollar rally to be a long lasting thing. The bigger trend is still Canadian dollar strength.”

Maria Jones

“It's bigger than a show. It's more like a network.”

Harvey Levin

“That fight really kind of kick-started his career. And he's bigger than ever now.”

Dana White

“I have stronger... bigger arms. I've lost 2 inches off my waist ... [and] lost 2 inches off my chest.”

Stuart Rasch

“Global markets have a much bigger effect on prices and wages in the U.S. and elsewhere than they did before.”

Kenneth Rogoff

“I'm actually bigger than him.”

Roy Moore

“We expect WAN file services, network accelerators and remote vaulting to all get bigger in 2006.”

Greg Schulz

“It's essentially an attempt to rationalise the number, so that you have bigger regions which have more capabilities. How many regions there are will depend on what the committee recommends and what the annual general meeting accepts,”

Don Turner

“We aren't one of the bigger teams so we try to get the ball down the floor.”

Matt Johnson