Bigger Related Quotes

“Look at him. He's no bigger than he's always been.”

Eddie Guardado

?This is just a continued consolidation in the industry on a global basis, ... You're seeing Credit Suisse take a bigger stake in the research end of things -- it's good for Credit Suisse because it gives them better asset management and greater size.?

Barry Hyman

“This station is woefully inadequate. They should have been starting from something bigger 20 years ago.”

Ellen Hansen

“He plays bigger than whatever he is and yet his athleticism is of a guard.”

Dan Monson

“It's unbelievable. I can't see anything bigger and more eye-opening than Reliant.”

Austin Flynn

“I've never had a bigger moment than this,”

Danny Williams

“We are assuming that the shock from a flu epidemic would be even bigger than from SARS.”

Milan Brahmbhatt

“It's just gotten bigger and better every year. There are a lot more samples and a lot more booths.”

Cathy Jones

“We’re so much bigger and stronger than last year,”

Scott Ford

“Some of it is we need to fill numbers, but the bigger side is this is a very talented freshman class. Regardless of class, we want the top nine or 10 guys in our program starting on the varsity level. I want to reward those kids who work their butts off.”

Chad Mitchell