Biggest Related Quotes

“We have the largest number of freshman out we've ever had, ... It's also the biggest team we've had since we restarted cross country. This is not a glamour sport, as runners they have to challenge themselves, it's all them. The sportsmanship is great out there. Cross country represents what high school sports should be.”

Shawn Woods

“She (Shipman) is one of three pitchers we'll use. The biggest difference this year is other teams are scoring runs. You're going to see some action this year.”

Greg Sims

“The biggest thing he would tell you is you have to throw the ball over the plate, ... If you can't throw the ball over the plate, you can't pitch in the big leagues.”

Ron Guidry

“People are not scared by the downturns. Their biggest anxiety is missing out on the rally.”

Carl Wittnebert

“From the beginning, we knew we could do this. The biggest part was believing in ourselves.”

Courtney Lewis

“Demand is limited, and the use models are at odds with the business goals of device makers' biggest customers: the mobile operators.”

Charles Golvin

“My teacher says I'm the biggest person she's ever seen in one of her classes.”

Chris Mcneil

“Our biggest problem is that we just haven't had a lot of practice. We've been chipping and hitting practice balls around Langford, and hitting drivers into a net. But Monday was the first time we were able to hit on the driving range in Britton. We haven't even played a hole yet this year.”

Coach Levi Tvedt

“The biggest thing is we have to continue to get better. We still have a long way to go to get to where we need to be, and we need to continue to develop our skills.”

Chris Paulson

“I knew the weather was going to be my biggest challenge. We're playing the waiting game, waiting for the weather to stabilize. I was hoping to start on Jan. 1, but it's been snowing and snowing. I knew that was part of the deal.”

Chris Davenport