Bill Related Quotes

A lot of people in the adult population have a very limited idea as to why they are Americans, why we have a First Amendment or a Bill of Rights.

Nat Hentoff

“Mister President, let's get together with our respective parties and ... get this bill moving, ... It's about enforcement.”

Dick Armey

No one ever grew up intending to be an umpire, except perhaps my friend Bill Haller. His brother Tom wanted to be a catcher, so an affinity for masks must run in that family.

Ron Luciano

All week Senate will be on the Stimulus/Porkulus Bill. Tune in C SPAN

Chuck Grassley

“Jack Lew (President Bill Clinton's budget director) and I just made the deal, ... ... The budget bill has been agreed to.”

Pete Domenici

“Lower your phone bill; talk to God.”

Vikrant Parsai

“It's Orwellian. The pharmaceutical lobby writes the bill, passes it, and then they run ads thanking them for passing it.”

Richard Gephardt

Father calls me William, sister calls me Will, Mother calls me Willie, but the fellows call me Bill!.

Eugene Field

“So what went wrong [with Windows Vista]? What didn't go wrong? When Bill Gates revealed in mid-2003 that he was returning to his roots, so to speak, and spending half of his time on what was then still called Longhorn, we should have seen the warning signs. Sadly, Gates, too, is part of the Bad Microsoft, a vestige of the past who should have had the class to either formally step down from the company or at least play just an honorary role, not step up his involvement and get his hands dirty with the next Windows version. If blame is to be assessed, we must start with Gates. He has guided--or, through lack of leadership--failed to guide the development of Microsoft's most prized asset. He has driven it into the ground.”

Paul Thurrott

“Without all of this, ... Jimmy Carter nor Bill Clinton might never have been elected president.”

Andrew Young