Billie Related Quotes

Billie Holiday I never met, but I love her music.

Nichelle Nichols

The first time I heard a Billie Holiday record, I thought, 'What's so great about Billie Holiday?'

Diana Ross

If I hear a record once, I usually never listen to it again. I rarely listen to music - unless it's Billie Holiday.

Barbra Streisand

The kid at 9 or 10 who knows who Billie Holiday is... that's the coolest thing ever.

Robbie Robertson

I love the idea of having a kid who says, 'Yeah, of course I knew about Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash when I was nine years old.'

Robbie Robertson

“I listened to Billie Holiday a lot in order to learn to sing. She remains one of the extraordinary jazz singers. But my intent is to become my own voice, to be able to interpret these songs in my own way.”

Madeleine Peyroux

My big influences are Joni Mitchell, and a lot of classical and Indian music, as well as Nina Simone and the personal blues and jazz of Billie Holiday. Other influences for me include Bjork, Nick Drake, and Sufjan Stevens.

Yael Naim

“(billie joe) - "Punk is always something that's going to be with us and to try and explain that would be stupid at this point"”

Green Day

Someone like Billie Jean King is completely my idol.

Serena Williams

I was trying to do Billie Holiday, because she was the voice to be heard at that time.

Ruth Brown