Births Related Quotes

“We're seeing more and more births, more and more discharges.”

Daryn Kumar

“There are two births: the one when lightFirst strikes the new awakened sense;The other when two souls unite,And we must count our life from thence,When you loved me and I loved you,Then both of us were born anew.”

William Cartwright

“We have more black births than any other area of the state.”

Carol Brady

“We've been on a downward trend for births since 1981, except for the last two years. Hopefully, that has bottomed out and the trend will reverse.”

Richard Rathge

“The U.S. Census Bureau shows that March ranks only fourth for the average number of births per month, however, we've found that there's an unusually high demand for birthday cards.”

Angela Thompson

“We are reaching a critical point. The number of births now determines what happens in the next decade-and-a-half to two decades. You can't revise it afterwards. The availability of human capital will get worse, and act as a brake on growth.”

Michael Hüther

“Obviously, we exceeded their predictions. In October alone there were 20 births to our clients.”

A.j. Jones

“Looking for the maker of this tabernacle, I shall have to run through a course of many births, so long as I do not find (him); and painful is birth again and again.”

Friedrich Max Muller

“Yes, births. Inaugurations. Those do interfere.”

Anne Holton