Bit Related Quotes

“We wanted to rattle him a little bit. When he was ready to throw the ball, we wanted to have someone there waiting for him.”

Dan Starkey

“They've started very, very well. They came off last year a little bit disappointed about the way things ended for them. I know they felt they should have got to the playoffs and probably deserved to. So, they have come out this year after it. They are a very good team and are playing well.”

Colin Clarke

“We've had some wide-open shots, but they're getting frustrated and it gets in their head a little bit.”

Reid Hoffer

“We're probably in a quiet period, maybe even a bit of a pullback. But I think if you're a long-term investor, the environment remains good and I would definitely remain in equities.”

Patricia Chadwick

“I couldn't really tell if it was white or wheat. Maybe a little bit of both.”

Erin Gudeux

“The cut in the export projection was a bit larger than expected, but the Census Bureau export report for December, released on Feb. 10, indicated that exports are lagging last year's pace by even more than indicated by the USDA weekly export figures.”

Darrel Good

“It's hard. We were right there. I think we just lost our heads a little bit. When it got down to the end, we didn't have the momentum to keep going.”

Cece Carter

“We talked a little bit (yesterday) and we'll talk some more. With the 13th game rule (for UH and 12 for everybody else) that went into place (for 2006 and beyond), we'll both have some openings to talk about.”

Herman Frazier

“We lost our composure a little bit in the end, but that's kind of what you get sometimes with players that really don't have that much varsity experience.”

Doug Meacham

“After yesterday's sharp rally it's not surprising we are seeing a bit of consolidation but it doesn't look as if it will be too prolonged.”

David Harman