Blake Related Quotes

“Detroit's added Derian Hatcher. Colorado's got Rob Blake and Adam Foote. To have [Pronger] back and with the addition of Murray, it's got to help us.”

Al Macinnis

“Blake was mad, they say, -- and Space's Pandora-boxLoosed its wonders upon him -- devils, but angels indeed.”

William Rose Benet

“Because he's the number one. And in the finals, for me, always the favorite is the best. For sure Blake can win, but for me, my favorite is Federer.”

Rafael Nadal

“As a colleague and collaborator, Blake Atkinson is without peer. He represents that exceptional caliber of teacher that serves his students and school well in a variety of capacities.”

Frank Wood

“In the fifth point, anything can happen. Nicolas, he's special for that. I don't know about how Blake is going to react playing the fifth match. I hope we get to the fifth match.”

Hans Gildemeister

“It'd be nice to get a few early runs, and let Blake get settled down a little bit. They've got some guys that can hit, but they really rely on their pitchers to win game for them.”

Clay Berry

“Jeff Blake is not only one of Sony's greatest assets, but I think he is recognized industry wide as one of the best in the business, ... As the marketing landscape changes and becomes more and more fragmented and the exhibition community faces the challenge of converting to digital cinema, there is no one better to guide us than Jeff Blake. He is truly second to no one and he inspires those around him to do their best work. We couldn't be more proud to recognize his extraordinary contributions with this promotion. ”

Michael Lynton

“He was very emotional when he first saw Blake in the hospital. But now he helps out with his brother's exercising and pushes his wheelchair, too.”

Sherry Scarberry

“The favorite is always the No. 1. I can win. Blake can win. But the favorite is the No. 1.”

Rafael Nadal

“(Blake) kind of gave it away with the way he was leaning. I was able to get a hand on it and tip it away.”

Devin Harris