Board Related Quotes

I remember, when I was a little kid, I was good at sports, and I could jump off the high board. And then puberty hit, and suddenly I was looking to boys for direction. I remember that as a great loss.

Francine Prose

Each flitch, each board, each plank can have only one ideal use. The woodworker, applying a thousand skills, must find that ideal use and then shape the wood to realize its true potential.

George Nakashima

Technologically we now have four [seven!] billion billionaires on board Spaceship Earth who are entirely unaware of their good fortune.

R. Buckminster Fuller

That text-books be permitted in Catholic schools such as will not offend the religious views of the minority, and which from an educational standpoint shall be satisfactory to the advisory board.

Charles Tupper

“It boils down to primary use. That was the essential factor (the county attorney) told me and the board.”

Robert Gerhardt

The King plays a most important part in the endgame, and gains in power and activity as the number of pieces on the board diminishes. Acting in eight different directions, he becomes, instead of the weakest piece, one of the most formidable units.

Eugene Znosko-borovsky

Not the man in the moon, not the groaning-board, not the speaking of friar Bacon's brazen- head, not the inspiration of mother Shipton, or the miracles of Dr. Faustus, things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed.

Daniel Defoe

“Across the board, we have every state failing to meet the national goal of 15 percent or less of the population being obese.”

Shelley Hearne

“They're not making as much money on trading, and that's just consistently across the board.”

William Maxwell

“There is, in a competitive society, nobody who can exercise even a fraction of the power which a socialist planning board would possess”

Friedrich August Hayek