Board Related Quotes

As long as Republicans won't - won't raise taxes and as long as Democrats won't in any way make entitlements based on need, rather than just across the board, I really think that we're doomed to this deadlock.

Mark Shields

“The governor's proposal would increase plan accountability while retaining board discretion on the administration of investment portfolios, ... The effect should be to enhance transparency while having no measurable effect on performance. These are positive steps the likes of which plans should and in fact will consider enacting on their own.”

William Atwood

“The mood is quite somber. Many of my colleagues believe the board acted hastily and unilaterally.”

Robin Lash

New York has done an excellent job. And I give credit - I give credit across the board going back two mayors, two police chiefs, because it has worked. And other communities need to come together to do what will work, as well.

Hillary Clinton

I came to the realization that a strong female is frightening to everybody, because all societies are male-dominated - black societies, poor people, rich people, any racial group, they're all dominated by men. A strong female is going to threaten everybody across the board.

Madonna Ciccone

Where the citizen uses a mere sliver or board, the pioneer uses the whole trunk of a tree.

Henry David Thoreau

“The aim of human rights, if I may borrow a term from engineering, is to move beyond the design and drawing-board phase, to move beyond thinking and talking about the foundations stones - to laying those foundation stones, inch by inch, together.”

Mary Robinson

I'm on the board of directors for Peace Now, which works tirelessly between the Palestinians and the Israelis to create peace in the Middle East and we've never been closer.

Mandy Patinkin

When I was really young, Dad wasn't that well known. I don't remember when I realised he was a writer, but I do remember him leaving his full-time job at the Central Electrical Generating Board to concentrate on books.

Rhianna Pratchett

“I think the thing that was most impressive was his rebounding. He just went after every board. He hadn't played that well in his first two games. He fouled out in the semifinal and struggled a bit against Douglas but he really had something to prove in that last game. He just went out and did a fabulous job.”

Paul Eberhardt