Boat Related Quotes

“The boat we have now is really a legend. The new boat is really exciting though. It's just one of the services that we can offer to the boating community.”

Pietro Parravano

I have let things slip, a thirty-year~old cargo boat Stubbornly hanging on to my name and address.

Sylvia Plath

Who does Bill Clinton think got off the boat and stepped on Plymouth Rock? Peace Corps volunteers?

P. J. O'rourke

A rower knows the underlying presence that moves a boat; it is quite simply force and energy. The force needs to be penetrating, and the energy needs to be driving and uninhibited.

Drew Ginn

I had to work on a Marlin boat, like gutting fish, like as the bait boy.

Mark Ruffalo

Race for the pschological advantage. Sit up tall, pull in high, stay within the margins of power, and they will inevitably look over at some point to see what kind of God is blasting your boat forward.

Christopher Allsopp

“I fear the worst and hope for the best. His glasses were at the house boat. His cellphone was there. His truck keys, his hat was there. He wouldn't leave without those.”

Charles Cox

Slowly, but with no doubt or hesitation whatever, and in something of a solemn expectancy, the two animals passed through the broken tumultuous water and moored their boat at the flowery margin of the island.

Kenneth Grahame

When you crash into the living God, the encounter is certain to renovate every square inch of your life's boat.

Eric Ludy

That's right, Sadie. For our first real date, I picked up Zia in a boat pulled by a deranged griffin. So what? Like your dates aren't weird?

Rick Riordan