Boils Related Quotes

“When you look at that demographic, everybody is after them. They're extremely hot. It all boils down to advertising.”

Walter Harp

“It boils down to primary use. That was the essential factor (the county attorney) told me and the board.”

Robert Gerhardt

“I was attacked on the field. That's what it boils down to.”

Dave Duncan

“It all boils down to when is this company going to show us better profit margins and cash flow margins? Investors are waiting patiently.”

David Garrity

“Just down the stretch, it's about making plays, making shots. Sometimes it just boils down to making shots.”

Andrew Brown

“A little pot boils easily”

Dutch Proverb

“It boils down largely to limited resources for a department our size.”

Wayne Shelor

“It boils down to who we think can pull the most votes in November against DeWine. And in Ohio, Brown's name is golden. It's just that simple.”

Chris Redfern

“For me, it all boils down to the first inning. I walk a guy and then I made a mistake. It ends up being the difference in the game. It's very frustrating for me personally.”

Zach Duke

“We added some consultants, but it boils down to players executing the game plan the coaches put in place.”

Keith Newman