Boots Related Quotes

We had a death pact, and I have to keep my half of the bargain. Please bury me next to my baby in my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots. Goodbye.

Sid Vicious

Are you ready boots? Start Walking.....never look back. #"? artforfreedom #"? revolutionoflove

Madonna Ciccone

We runnin around in thousand-dollar clown suits, Better get some boots when Lucifer turn your city to Beirut.

Ras Kass

I am vegetarian, so I donâ??t have clothes, shoes or bags made from leather or suede or any animal products. Shoes are hard to find. These are fake Uggs. And Iâ??ve got a pair of vintage boots, which are PVC.

Leona Lewis

I have white hair now, but a lot of it, and I'm still very glamorous, and so I won't disappoint, I hope! I'll still be wearing the tight leather trousers and high-heel boots, regardless of what age!

Kate O'mara

Short boots are cool, in my humble opinion. They say, 'Hey! Winter is over, but summer hasn't yet arrived - so enjoy this halfway point!'

Rachel Nichols

I am not contain'd between my hat and boots.

Walt Whitman

Some people grab my hair and pull it out. People write on my jeans when I'm on stage. They write on my boots - their phone number, name or whatever.

Rodney Atkins

Ski boots are the worst. Solid plastic. They'll be around till the sun goes supernova.

Douglas Coupland

Grammar to a writer is to a mountaineer a good pair of hiking boots or, more precisely, to a deep-sea diver an oxygen tank.

A.a. Patawaran