Bottom Related Quotes

“The bottom line here is that the supervisor would have never allowed the beaches to be open to the public if he had known that not all the testing had been done. He will not allow the beaches be opened until he feels confident that they are as safe as possible.”

David Sommers

“Bottom feeders like channel catfish are more likely to be exposed.”

Dan Williams

“I've talked to him. The bottom line is, this is voluntary every year. You can't make a player do it. I'm very careful about making sure we adhere to that. But there is a standard that we've got to make sure we hold our players to. ... Our job is to change the culture of the team. And if you're not here, it's hard to sell that. Obviously, he hasn't been here, but he's going to be. I would hope it would be better from here on out, once he gets here.”

Scott Linehan

“It's quite possible they'll do a counter-bid, but the bottom line is that AT&T; may be willing to pay more. It looks like AT&T; is digging in its heels.”

Douglas Shapiro

“Our bottom line is, we don't have to do anything. If we do choose to have more than eight members, that's a decision independent of what any other conference in America is considering.”

Craig Thompson

“The answers to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV!”

Dan Castellaneta

“This week is expected to be quiet with no major earnings reports, ... reached a bottom but a sharp upturn is unlikely.”

Khuram Chaudhry

“We've had five close games; our region is tough top to bottom. Every team comes out and plays hard. There are no easy games.”

Ck Hansen

“Bottom line, it was just flat-out effort. They wanted to send a message and they did that.”

Charles Zanders

“I know what Tony told you. But it looked to me like he lifted. I'll get to the bottom of it.”

Dario Franchitti