Bottom Related Quotes

“This breaks that vicious circle of retaliation. And you never get to the bottom of it with two kids; it becomes about who's lying.”

Christopher Evans

“That's the best Oregon State team I've seen from top to bottom since the early (1990s). They wrestle hard, they wrestle physical and they're very well-balanced. There wasn't a weak link.”

Chuck Kearney

“We heard a loud noise, we started rocking and went over. It was kind of eerie when the bottom is up.”

Richard Gray

“[Meyers notes that GM also is buffeted by macroeconomic winds that are damaging the company's bottom line and over which it has no control. Prices for steel, oil and plastics all have risen in recent years. GM also is burdened with legacy costs over which it has little control if it keeps its current promises to employees.] Health care is the one you hear most about -- and it's big, ... But pension costs are enormous too.”

Gerald Meyers

“The bottom line is that the door is more open for a rate hike and the market is convinced we will have another rate hike.”

Niels Christensen

“We're kind of a balanced ball team. Our bottom three kids (in the batting order) have come up with big hits just like the top three.”

Craig Milburn

“We continue to believe that while domestic express volumes may be close to a bottom, ground volumes, (international express shipments) and especially yields are several quarters away from bottoming,”

Ed Wolfe

“I was the sort of loose forward who lay contentedly on the bottom of a ruck, composing sonnets on the one hand and, on another plane, contemplating applying the squirrel grip to an opponent.”

Peter Cosgrove

“The thicker the bottom of the pan, the better the heat retention. A thin pan won't sear because the heat won't dissipate.”

Al Roberts

“The bottom line is that as long as equities remain aloft, there is precious little outside of Fed tightening to cool growth, ... And that tightening may need to be much more aggressive than the market currently expects to bring (economic) growth closer to the Fed's comfort zone of around 3.5 percent.”

Doug Porter