Bounced Related Quotes

“She bounced back. In the past she would've just wilted. I'm really happy with the way she responded. That's maturity.”

Dave Chanley

“We bounced heavily and then stopped. And there were bullets all around. There was no question in my mind that if we didn't get out of that vehicle, we'd all be dead.”

Cam Mcleay

“The puck was just bouncing around and rattling around in there. I tried to reach for it but it bounced back in the slot. We were really scrambling there.”

Ryan Miller

“We felt like he was going to bounce out of his slump. He bounced out of it in a huge way. For Jaycee, it's very important that he gets clean looks. It gets his confidence going. Hopefully we can get him some looks again.”

Stew Morrill

“It seemed like the ball kind of just bounced my way tonight. I was just going to the spots I was supposed to, and I was lucky because it was bouncing my way.”

Errek Suhr

“He'll probably need six to eight stitches in the lip, but that's about the way the ball has bounced for us this year.”

Roy Grant

“All retail stocks have bounced. M&A; activity is driving the market.”

Colin Morton

“Lasers are very much like computers. They don't like to get bounced around. And a rental laser is in a van going from doctor's office to doctor's office every day.”

David Goldberg

“A great shot by Richie, hard and on the net, and I just threw my stick out and it bounced off of it.”

Steven Reinprecht

“I got the hit and saw Tracy hung up between first and third, ... Fortunate for us, the ball bounced our way. It was nice to come out on the winning end on one.”

Chris Snyder