Break Related Quotes

“It's a way for students and faculty to kind of break that barrier between them.”

Cameron Smith

“People see boxed wine as trashy, so we're trying to break away from that image.”

Daniel Johnnes

“It is huge going into the break getting a win against the best team in the league and then to come out today and beat a team that is below us in the standings, ... That is the object of the game to win games and make the playoffs.”

Clint Mathis

“Oh yeah, I am definitely looking forward to this trip. It is my first big spring break trip I have taken, and probably will take at Hastings College.”

Amber Smith

“The break obviously helps us.”

David Lane

“He runs good routes, has great speed, and he's physical. He can break the game open. A lot of receivers, you can press them, and they won't be able to do anything. This guy, he thrives on that. He likes it when you put your hands on him. That's the difference between him and other great receivers.”

Mike Rumph

“Now that Tyson has added this $25,000 incentive, I am more determined than ever to try and break the world record. With such a strong field in this event the winner will have to show he has a combination of power and endurance. The winner of this race will no doubt also be the new world record holder.”

Wallace Spearmon

“Lamar has stepped up where [former standout] Justin Jackson left off. He's on track to break all of Justin's records if he hangs in there.”

Phillip Brown

“They break out very well and don't hold onto the puck very long.”

Kevin Raylman

“Kyle is a complete player. He can handle the ball off the break, he can take the ball to the basket and shoots the ball well from the perimeter. But the thing that sets him apart is how unselfish he is. If he has the ball and you?re open, he will get it to you.”

Dennis Murphy