Breed Related Quotes

“was perceived as the most aggressive of the new breed of bank executives.”

Chris Williams

“She was just mowing us down. Rick (Breed, assistant coach) was threatening to bunt earlier. In the fifth, we started laying some down.”

Curt Smith

“In this industry, it's required of us to be best-of-breed in terms of operational efficiency.”

William Amelio

“I then started researching what breed had colored wool, and discovered the karakul.”

Liciê Hunsche

“He's a great specimen of his own breed as a bull terrier. He's got, probably, the perfect head you'll ever see on this breed. It comes down to charisma and showmanship and those kinds of things.”

David Frei

“We are hoping to attract a new breed of farmers. It's important that we try to establish a training program in Fresno.”

Kenneth Grimes

“An earthly dog of the carriage breed; Who, having failed of the modern speed, Now asked asylum and I was stirred To be the one so dog-preferred”

Robert Frost

“To successfully breed, the male has to be aloft to copulate.”

Kathleen O'malley

“Smaller, targeted attacks are on the increase, with the emergence of a new breed of financially-motivated online criminal. The concern is that if users continue to combine unsafe computing practices with outdated threat protection, they'll be a soft target for this new form of attack,”

Carole Theriault

“Petty laws breed great crimes.”