Brings Related Quotes

“If he (Jones) brings a team that's got six, seven, eight injuries, and brings sort of his B side across you can't really blame him for not getting a result so I can't see that being any influence on his future.”

Jake White

“That's what keeps us going. Every one of them brings a tear to your eyes and makes these sleepless nights worth it.”

Dave Pauli

“That brings the cost of our entire system down to about $3,000.”

Sharon Cody

“Hawaii is in a very strategic location and unfortunately that strategic location brings a great deal of marine debris to the wonderful, beautiful shores that we treasure.”

Conrad Lautenbacher

“I'm going to look hard at the chemistry someone brings from the other four guys on the court. I still see a positive ending available to this team, but we have to do our part.”

Stan Heath

“It really brings you back to the months after 9/11, and it makes you question how was all of this handled. I have to say that I question everything now.”

Rosaleen Tallon

“The state is satisfied with this outcome. This brings closure to a long-standing case.”

Marc Violette

“This approach to development is highly responsive to changes to the environment. Systems Solutions brings together the best of breed open-source operating systems and collaboration software so customers experience a straightforward solution that is flexible and cost effective.”

Dan Kusnetzky

“This brings a lot of responsibility and a lot of pride. We wanted to show our baseball is at a top level. This makes us very happy.”

Daisuke Matsuzaka

“Meloy's balladry brings to mind vaudeville, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, 'Sweeney Todd,' the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Kurt Weill and Nick Cave, 1960s psychedelic rock pop and roaring pub sing-alongs.”

Colin Meloy