Building Related Quotes

“I'm very happy to be extending my contract for a further season (until 2007). I think we are building a strong club and I'm glad that I will be a part of the future.”

Shaun Mcrae

To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.

Dan Millman

Building a business where everyone thrives

Kip Tindell

“It's people building houses, ... It's people financing the building of houses. It's people working in the stores that are furnishing those houses, and of course, the real estate agents who are making this all happen.”

Christopher Thornberg

“We really liked their building process. They guaranteed what date we were going to move in (and) were very up front with us. We had no problems. It was a very smooth process.”

Kathy Young

By educating the young, we are building a liberating potential force indirectly.

Auliq Ice

“In this particular building it was believed that the window structure met the requirements as a secure perimeter. Obviously, after what happened on Saturday night, it did not. It was breached and we're looking at changes right now.”

Wes Kooistra

“No matter what ... if you look at the building, you're going to see all the little cut-out hands, all the little apples and flowers showing that there's a kindergarten there -- that there are children in that building.”

Danny Defenbaugh

The limits of prudence: one cannot jump out of a burning building gradually.

Mason Cooley

“I succeeded in turning a building into a business.”

Dave Checketts